Objective:  To encourage our members to be ambassadors of the Arabian breed by showing their Arabians & Half-Arabians at open shows.  We hope to expose the average family to wonderful Arabian horse and to show the versatility of the breed.


Each participant must complete a registration form that includes their AHA Membership Number.  Amateurs & Professionals alike are eligible, welcome & encouraged to enroll in this program! 

Each horse used will have to be registered with the Ambassador program.  You can use as many horses as you like & you do not have to be the registered owner.  For every horse that is shown, the participant will need to send a copy of the registration papers, current Coggins Certificate, and one picture of each horse being shown (by the member) sometime during that year.  

There are 2 age divisions.  17 & Under and 18 & Over.  There will be a monogrammed award for high point in each age division.  There will also be several other awards given for various catgories.  Points will be accumulated from December 1st to November 30th.  The year-end awards ceremony will take place at our annuall at the March meeting.    

Horses will be tracked using their Coggins numbers, as they are always asked for at the show.   If you do not have a current Coggins available when you send in registration forms for the program, just send them as soon as possible. Forms must be turned in by December 1st of event year.

1 point will be earned for each class shown, regardless of the placing.   Class can be either pleasure OR timed event.  One form needs to be completed for each show that is participated in.   Please have the show secretary sign the form upon completion of the show classes.  

You can also earn points for showing/riding your horse in a parade,  Members will earn 4 points for each parade.  There are no forms to sign for the parade, so program participants need to send in pictures of the enrolled member/horse riding in the parade.  On the back of the picture, please write the Name of the parade, along with the date & location.  

Points also can be earned by participating in endurance/competetive trail rides.  6 points will be given for each ride.  For these rides, there is a separate form that needs to be signed by the ride coordinator.

Jean Liestman, Ambassador Program Coordinator

     61650 320th Street       
Litchfield MN 55355
Phone:  (320) 434-0686   Email: rframbo@hutchtel.net
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